Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Saving Oil in a Hurry

The International Energy Agency released a report very recently called "Saving Oil in a Hurry", which got written up in USA Today and Reuters among other places (see link below).

Even though the carsharing it talks about is, in fact, carpooling/ridesharing, its recommendations are ones that benefit carsharing and are well worth our support. The report seems to be a pretty good policy review of the options and covers cost-effectiveness and implementation strategies for both Europe and the US. They include:
• Increases in public transit usage
• Increases in carpooling
• Telecommuting and working at home
• Changes in work schedules
• Driving bans and restrictions
• Speed limit reductions
• Information on tire pressure effects.

The 4 page Executive Summary at the head of the document summarizes the report pretty well and is worth a read. You can download the full report from the
Sustainable Transport Coalition.