Thursday, June 08, 2006

Carsharing in the District - The Video

The District of Columbia DOT (Washington DC to the rest of us) has produced a very good promotional video about carsharing. It does a good job of describing the benefits to residents and balancing the "screen time" between the two carsharing providers - Flexcar and Zipcar.

The four minute video was produced by the DDOT and the DC Office of Cable Television and Tecommunication and is in Windows Media Player format.

Host Tamika Felder does a great job describing the process and keeping the video interesting. Snappy editing and camera angles make it visually interesting.

Washington DC has been the location of the most public controversy about on-street parking with bloggers and "alternative weeklies" repeatedly covering disagreement about the issue. But this video is much more upbeat and positive that a mere attempt to calm the skeptics.

Surprisingly, it's one of the few promotional carsharing videos out there. (The only other one's I'm aware of are training videos.) If you're aware of others, please let me know.

Thanks to Allen Greenburg at FHWA for the tip on this video. He was one of the people who "got" carsharing very early on. Below is a LINK to the DDOT home page about carsharing.