Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Zipcar Passes Membership Milestone

Congrats to Zipcar for passsing the 100,000 member mark (or at least getting close). As they modestly proclaim, "I guess this pretty much secures our place on this planet as the world's largest carsharing company." They have every right to be proud.

As usual, the Zipcar PR people spin it very effectively

Numbers are relative. Take, for example, our new favorite number: 100,000. If we told you that was the number of times we rented Gigli on DVD, you'd think it was pretty big. But if we told you that was how many people gave us flack for it, 100,000 suddenly seems a whole lot smaller. See what we mean? Relative.

But to all of us here at Zipcar, 100,000 is monumental. After celebrating our 7th birthday, we discovered that there are now 100,000 Zipsters out there! Yes, this pretty much secures our place on this planet as the world's largest car sharing company. But we have a hunch that we are part of something even bigger. We're part of the future...

I say "getting close" to 100,000 members since Zipcar press releases have long had a tendency to round up, sometimes substantially, when reporting vehicle counts, so I wouldn't be surprised there's a little anticipation going on here, too.

But carping aside, it's an amazing achievement and a testimony to Zipcar's excellent marketing, customer service and generally just plain staying focussed. Well done, Scott Griffith and all those on the Zip team.