Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Philadelphia Picks a New Carsharing Provider

In a surprise upset, Philly Carshare lost the carsharing contract with the City of Philadelphia. Apparently, $5.90 per hour + 9¢ per mile didn't cut it.

According to the Boston Globe and press releases the city used about 6 to 10 cars a day from PhillyCarShare, and expects to use the same from Zipcar, according to procurement commissioner Hugh Ortman. He said the city way paying about $35,000 a year and expects to pay about $5,000 less with Zipcar.

Philly Carshare pioneered the relationship and it was the highest-profile relationship with a city that any carshare has had in a fleet-offset deal to date. PhillyCarShare has about 500 cars in its fleet; Zipcar has about 110 (having taken over the fledgling Flexcar operation there as part of the merger last November.

The Philadelphia Inquirer quotes PCS Deputy Executive Director Clayton Lane, "We're proud to have partnered with the city, but it will only have a very modest impact on our business."