Friday, October 31, 2008

E2 - Future of Transportation with Eric Britton

E2 ("e squared") is a program on the internet and some US public broadcasting stations. It's a program about environmental design - what the program calsl "the economies of being environmentally conscious". It covers a wide range of topics about the built environment.

Last year the program covered transportation and also produced some additional video podcast material. Where else would they go to cover transportation but Paris (well, actually there are lots of good places to go) and who else would they talk to but Eric Britton, tireless leader of World Carshare and World City Bike forum. Also included are comments about carsharing Nicolas Le Douarec, co-founder Mobizen, one of several carsharing companies in the city.

Take a look at the podcast. It's a very well done and really quite beautiful piece. Enjoy

But I have just one question for Eric - where the heck was your interview taped?