Saturday, January 23, 2010

This is the Future of Urban Transportation

Do you have 10 minutes to see the future of urban transportation. Watch this video of Dan Sturges at the recent SMART conference sponsored by Sue Zielinski and the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute.

As you can see Dan is passionate about the future of urban transportation. Once upon a time he thought the answer was a new class of lighter vehicles so he invented the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) in the form of the Trans2, which became the GEM. But don't call them glorified golf carts. He's been passionate about Segway and electric bikes and developed a public sharing system - Intrago Mobility.

During the past decade he's been developing his concept talking about "thick cities" (downtowns) and "thin cities" (suburbs) and "near cars" (light vehicles) and "far cars" (heavier highway vehicles). Now he's connected the dots into an integrated system, which he describes in this 10 minute video.

I've done some projects with him over the years and find him one of the most original thinkers about transportation out there. You can follow Dan's Twitter feed if you want to keep up with him.

PS: Thanks for the pat on the back, Dan.