Sunday, March 13, 2011

P2P Carsharing Law Moving Ahead in Oregon

I've been helping coordinate proposed changes to Oregon law to specify insurance requirements for P2P carsharing, which we're calling "personal vehicle carsharing" here.  The proposal is modeled on California AB 1871 and specifies:

  • Defines personal vehicle carsharing
  • Specifies that the Personal Vehicle carsharing company must provide insurance that is at least 3x the state minimum requirements
  • Limits the amount of money a vehicle owner can earn from renting their vehicle out to their maximum of their actual expenses
  • Prohibits personal auto insurers from canceling the policy because the owner is participating in a legitimate Personal Vehicle Carsharing program.

I'm pleased to report that HB 3149 has passed the Oregon House Committee on Transportation and Economic Development.  On going details of the progress of this legislation can be found at a separate blog I set up P2P Carsharing Oregon.

This effort is the result of networking by Alan Durning of Sightline Institute in Seattle, and Chris Hagerbaumer of the Oregon Environmental Council, who connected me up with others in the state that were interested in the same changes.

Stay tuned