Thursday, September 15, 2011

Carsharing Association Annual Conference - Oct. 2-4 in Montreal

The international Car Sharing Association (CSA) is holding their annual conference next month in Montreal, starting Sunday, Oct. 2.  Monday, Oct. 3 will feature a number of public sessions and Tuesday, will be closed meetings for Carsharing Association members only.

The Carsharing Association is open to all carshares and supports and it continues to be a very useful get-together for independent carshare operatorss. Originally, a North American group, it now has members in Australia, South America and Europe. The full schedule and registration information is here.

On Monday, Oct. 2 What is the future of urban personal mobility? with speakers:

  • Tim Papandreou – Deputy Director of Transportation Planning for the Sustainable Streets Division of San Francisco’s Municipal Transit Agency
  • Martin Trepanier and Catherine Morency - Polytechnique de Montr√©al.

Parallel sessions will be offered on Sunday and Monday.  Sessions will be presented by carsharing operators.

  • Operational Issues: Best practices in operation, customer service and fleet management
  • How to improve quality based on customers and how to face problems with HR.
  • Electric Vehicle Integration - Exchange on how to integrate EVs into a carsharing fleet.
  • Peer to Peer: Advancement among CSA members - How and should P2P carsharing be integrated within the carsharing organisations of the CSA.
  • Meeting with Autolib, Lyon, France
  • Carsharing in Low-Income Neighbourhoods - How to develop the scope of carsharing in low-income neighbourhoods or in cities lacking of a public transit system.
  • How to Gain Support From Cities and Transit Companies - Discussion on the best solutions to partner with transit.