Friday, October 14, 2011

Nice video from the other car2go

In this case, it's from the original car2go is Tel Aviv, Israel.

Doing an original video, especially on a (relative) shoe-string, is always a challenge.  This is a nice use of a  different form of animation than is mostly commonly seen.   The images alone do a very nice job of explaining what carsharing is - and, if I spoke Hebrew, probably the words do too.  I'd certainly nominate this video my Best Carsharing Video of 2011.  Nice job.

A close runner for the best CS video up in my mind is this one from the other car2go - Daimler's.  This one is more atmospheric but has some nice touches.  And the "I love this town" theme (in English no less) is a brilliant move.  I've been very impressed with car2go's success at becoming part of the various communities they've gone into - a tough act for most multinational corporations!

If you've got nominations for the Best Carsharing Video of the year, let me know.  Just post a comment below.  Thanks.