Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Carrot Carsharing Posts Excellent Growth in First Year

Carrot, Mexico City's no longer new start up carshare, is growing like gangbusters as you can see in this impressive infographic that Diego Solorzano and his team recently put together.

40 cars, 1,500 active members, steady growth and very satisfied users - what's not to like!

They told me they've also started a unique one-way option to one of their destinations - Santa Fe, a business destinations about 15 km from their main service area (in the lower left corner of the map below).  Customers can book any car for a one-way trip to this destination and only pay an extra hour for the option.

They have gotten around the issue of having to rewrite their reservation system (Metavera) in a unique way - a pre-login screen for reservations where the person can select one-way or hourly reservations.  Apparently, the one-way option is not yet very well-known (I only found out about via Twitter) but I'm sure that will change as members encounter this pre-login screen.  I'm sure it will be handy for members (going to the destination) and hopefully not a big headache for the Carrot fleet manager.

Congratulations and best wishes to the entire Carrot team.