Friday, July 22, 2005

Competition and Cooperation is Theme of Sept. 8 National Carsharing Meeting

The agenda is coming together for the national (and we hope North American) meeting of carshares to be held Thursday, Sept. 8 at the Railvolution conference to be held at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. Carsharing operators, startups, consultants and researchers are encouraged to attend.

Technically, it's a TRB AP020 Carsharing Committee mid-year meeting and we are in the process of confirming speakers for the comprehensive agenda. It's the first meeting of carshares since the meeting in Atlanta several years ago.

On the agenda is a presentation by Adam Millard-Ball of the forthcoming TCRP report on carsharing; a look at new carshares and, we hope, discussion of the issues of cooperation and competition as carshares in the US expand. In addition, we expect to have Bodo Schwieger from Berlin to provide perspective on what's happening in Europe and Dr. Matt Barth to talk about his recent visit to Japanese carshares.

Registration is set at $110 for the day ($130 after August 15) for the TRB meeting. In addition to this special meeting, several speakers on carsharing are schedule for the main Railvolution conference. Participants to this TRB session are strongly encouraged to register for the full Railvolution conference. Email me using the link to the right if you have questions about the TRB carsharing agenda.

A link to the agenda on the TRB page including a draft agenda and registration for this event is below.