Friday, August 05, 2005

SCOOT - First Transit-Operated Carsharing Program

In June, Kitsap Transit, located across Puget Sound about an hour from Seattle, launched a small carsharing program in the city of Bremerton. SCOOT stands for Smart Commuter Option of Today. The goal of the program is to "encourage commuters who work in Bremerton's Central Business District to use alternatives to driving to work alone by offering a ‘smart option’ for personal S

SCOOT provides 8 Honda Civic hybrid sedans for use by those registered with the agency's Smart Commuter program (vanpool, carpool, transit, walking and bicycling). Scheduling and in-vehicle electronics provided by Invers. Vehicles cannot be used as company cars.

Insurance is being handled by the transit agency's insurance through the State of Washington. 21 years is the minimum age for drivers, which must be apply and be approved as in other carshare programs. The program is being funded by state and federal grants.