Friday, December 09, 2005

Zipcar introduces some clever customer features

In what my wife says is seemingly endless noodling on the web, I recently learned that Zipcar has signed a deal with the Boston Ikea to have designated parking spaces right by the front door of the retailer's Boston store. And not only that, show your Zipcard at the Ikea restaurant and get a second entre for free. Anything to get you to spend more time there, I guess. On Zipcar's part, they're wrapping seven vehicles with Ikea-Zipcar logos, as well - and I do mean wrapping!

I also learned that Zipcars are equipped with E-Z Pass payment systems, to speed members through tollroads and bridges in the Northeast. To make their customer experience even more seamless, any use of the E-Z Pass during their trip will automatically get added to their next monthly Zipcar bill. How slick is that?

Add these little touches to the XM satellite radio, the cool Google maps that slide around as you search for vehicles, and their vehicle fleet and you've got a heck of a customer-friendly package.

Way to go Zipcar!