Saturday, September 01, 2007

North American Carsharing Cities

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With the recent focus on growth by Zipcar and Flexcar, including new operations on college and university campuses, I thought it would be useful to see all the places carsharing is currently available. You can click on the individual pins to get the name of the operator.

I have color coded things: Flexcar cities are blue; Flexcar stand alone university operations are green; Zipcar cities are red and Zipcar stand alone university operations are purple; independent carsharing operations are yellow. In general, when a company provides service in a metro area I have only listed it once. Operations in larger cities may also (and probably do) include relationships with one or more colleges and universities in the area. These may range from basic marketing partnership (membership discount to faculty and staff) to programs geared to 18-20 year old undergraduate students.

In the future I hope to add more information to each pin - link to website, approximate size, etc. Many thanks for the various comments (below). Note that in a few cases, cities may have several carsharing operators and the large pins used by Google Maps may be hiding another. To see the different providers, zoom in on individuals cities. Please let me know of mistakes, additions, omissions etc. Thanks.