Monday, August 08, 2011

Interesting way to display the features of a car

Presenting the features of your product to customers isn't always easy, especially in something as complex as an automobile.  That's why I liked the way Mercedes-Benz chose to do it on this display vehicle in terminal B of the Kansas City Airport (and probably others) which I saw when I passed through there in early July. 

In this case the features are literally spelled out right there on the product.   Just about every square foot of the vehicle had something written on it - anti-lock brakes, LED running lights, pedestrian detection, you name it!  A sort of written equivalent of the visible car (such as this 1939 plexiglass Pontiac).  Actually, probably better than a visible car - since the marketing department can craft the message to the audience.  

I will leave it up you, faithful readers, to suggest how this might be applied to carsharing vehicles.