Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Early Rebranding of Zipcar? NOT!

Is Avis going rebrand Zipcar?  Highly doubtful!

But it appears a gremlin has gotten into their iPhone app and changed the logos on the pins for each vehicle on this map of Chicago when I was searching the other day, so that an A appears on the pin rather than a Z.

A as in Avis?

Not likely.  Somehow the A pins from the Avancar service in Barcelona must have been getting supplied rather than the Z pin.  (This really is Chicago - you can see State Street, Michigan Avenue and W. Congress Parkway clearly shown on the map.)

And while we're on a humorous note, did you know you can walk from a Zipcar in Chicago and get on a jet by just crossing a parking lot?  Well, you can if you believe this Google Satellite Map of the Rosemont Ave. CTA station in Chicago!   No doubt someone at Google was having some fun.

And talk about a great on-street parking location that Zipcar has - right in the middle of a left turn lane of Des Plaines River Road!