Friday, February 02, 2007

A Day in the Life

TV producer Lisa Meak at the NBC-tv station in San Francisco produced an interesting story about a day in the life of a City Carshare vehicle.

"As someone in our newsroom said, this car has a more interesting life than most of us," Lisa Meak reports on the TV station's website.

"We ended up talking to three different people who snapped photos of what they did while driving the Prius. It took them on trips they wouldn't be able to take using public transportation, walking, or biking.
The photos you will see in the story were just a small sampling of where those drivers took the car and what the drivers did, from carting around out-of-town friends, to visiting a loved one, to shopping for groceries."

It's a nice reminder about one of the aspects that carsharing is all about. You can see the video, as well as still pictures at the LINK below.