Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The current state of the industry and some recent news reports

Dr. Susan Shaheen and the team at Innovative Mobility Research at UC Berkely released the latest totals for North American carsharing:

As of July 2008, 19 U.S. carsharing programs claimed 279,174 members sharing 5,838 vehicles. As of July 2008, 39,664 members shared 1,667 vehicles among 14 carsharing organizations in Canada.

That's a 23:1 national member to vehicle ratio in Canada and 47: 1 ratio for the US.

And rumors of impending moves by car rental companies into carsharing are keeping the news media busy.

USA Today, 9/29/08: Car rental companies get into the business of sharing (Thanks for the use of the photo.)

Wall Street Journal, 10.1.08: Battle Looms Over Carsharing