Friday, December 02, 2011

Carsharing Sessions at TRB 2012

Carsharing sessions have been announced at the annual Transportation Research Board meeting, to be held, as always, in Washington DC, Jan. 22 - 26.  TRB covers all aspects of transportation - trains, plans and automobiles (or at least bridges and highways).  Carsharing sessions will be on 2 days.  

Since the registration fee is substantial, if you're interested in attending it makes sense to become a member of TRB and get a discount.  You'll get the full conference papers on a CD and be able join one of the committee/subcommittees to keep up with developments in the field.  Carsharing and bikesharing comes under the Emerging and Innovative Public Transport and Technologies (AP020).  The annual committee meeting will be held on one of the days, as well.Details and registration for TRB are here

The main carsharing sessions are on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 24-25.   It is likely that not all papers listed will actually be presented at the conference, depending on travel and availability of the authors. 

Session: Congestion Pricing, Parking Pricing and Managed Lanes
Monday, January 23, 2012; 10:45 am - 12:30 pm at Hilton (event 297)

  Dynamically Priced Carsharing (P12-5316) - H13 
     Winters, Philip L. - University of South Florida
     Concas, Sisinnio - University of South Florida
     Bond, Julie M. - University of South Florida 

Session: Opportunities and Barriers for Shared-Vehicle Systems:
Tuesday, January 24, 2012; 2:00 - 3:45 pm at Hilton (event 598)

  One-Way Carsharing: Solving the Relocation Problem (12-0072) - J01 
     Di Febbraro, Angela - University of Genoa, Italy 
     Sacco, Nicola - University of Genoa, Italy 
     Saeednia, Mahnam - University of Genoa, Italy 
  Awareness and Potential Choices of Carsharing: Comparative Analysis of Data from Four Japanese Cities (12-0351) - J03 
     Kato, Hironori - University of Tokyo, Japan 
     Inagi, Akihiro - University of Tokyo, Japan 
     Igo, Takahiro - University of Tokyo 
  Choosing Carpooling or Carsharing as a Mode: Swiss Stated-Choice Experiments (12-4205) - J05 
     Ciari, Francesco - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich 
     Axhausen, Kay W. - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich 
  Which Factors Affect Willingness to Join Vehicle-Sharing Systems? Evidence from young Greek drivers (12-1076) - K01 
     Efthymiou, Dimitrios - National Technical University of Athens, Greece 
     Antoniou, Constantinos - National Technical University of Athens, Greece 
     Waddell, Paul - University of California, Berkeley 
  Carsharing Management Between Research and Innovation: The Rome Case (12-1591) - K02 
     Musso, Antonio - University of Rome, Italy 
     Corazza, Maria Vittoria - University of Rome, Italy 
     Tozzi, Michele - University of Rome, Italy 

Session: Innovations in Activity and Travel Behavior
Wednesday, January 25, 2012; 8:30 - 10 am at Hilton (event 711)

 Synopsis of Users’ Behavior of a Carsharing Program: Case Study in Toronto, Canada (12-0964) - C07 
     Costain, Cindy - University of Toronto, Canada
     Ardron, Carolyn - University of Toronto, Canada
     Nurul Habib, Khandker M. - University of Toronto, Canada 

(This session includes many other behavioral and travel mode choice topics that are likely to be of interest to carsharing companies as well. - Dave)

Session: Carsharing: Behavioral Finding and Public Policy Implications
Wednesday, January 25, 2012; 2:30 - 4:00 pm at Hilton (event 761)

Are Taxes on Carsharing Too High? Review of Public Benefits and Tax Burden of Expanding Transportation Sector  (12-3484) 
     Schwieterman, Joseph P. - DePaul University 
     Bieszczat, Alice - DePaul University 
Carsharing in Shanghai, China: Analysis of Behavioral Response to a Local Survey and Potential Competition (12-4233) 
     Wang, Mingquan - University of California, Berkeley 
     Martin, Elliot - University of California, Berkeley 
     Shaheen, Susan A. - University of California, Berkeley 
Impacts of Carsharing in a University Setting: Changes in Vehicle Ownership, Parking Demand, and Mobility in Ithaca, NY  (12-4053) 
     Stasko, Timon - Cornell University 
     Gao, H. Oliver - Cornell University 
     Buck, Andrew - Cornell University 
  Stakeholder Analysis of Urban Carsharing Market in Tokyo, Japan (12-0352) 
     Kato, Hironori - University of Tokyo, Japan 
     Suzuki, Satoshi - University of Tokyo, Japan 
     Kayama, Shinsuke - University of Tokyo 
     Kawanobe, Takeshi - University of Tokyo 
     Kusumoto, Jun - University of Tokyo 
  Cumulative Impacts of Carsharing and Unbundled Parking on Vehicle Ownership and Mode Choice (12-1490) 
     Napolitan, Francesca - Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates 
     ter Schure, Jessica - Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates 
     Hutchinson, Rick - City CarShare 

For complete details and the abstract of these sessions, go to the TRB interactive program and search for carsharing.  Click on the blue numbers to read abstracts.