Thursday, January 03, 2013

Carsharing Increases the Availability of Parking — but don't take my word for it.

Many of the articles about the Avis-Budget deal allow comments and I'm always a little surprised how many of them continue to reflect a lack of even basic awareness of carsharing after all these years.  Or maybe some people just like to pick a fight?

But every once in a while a real gem comes through.  Take this comment about the Atlantic Cities article How Avis Will Ruin Carsharing.  Here's a real live person speaking from experience that carsharing parking "has increased the availability parking spaces" in his neighborhood.  (Well, at least @bannedagain5446 has a real live Washington Post account!)  Anyway, here it is:
I know that in my neighborhood Zipcar has increased the availability of parking spaces by making it possible for many residents, myself included, to live their lives without owning a car. Zipcar allows me to go places I have to go and cannot reach by bicycle or public transit. It frees up the parking space where my car used to sit for well over 90% of each year, weathering, depreciating and hemorrhaging taxes and insurance premiums. And it saves me money and almost two hours per r/t over traditional car rental.
Given the almost insatiable demand for free parking, it's not surprising that people don't notice any difference in parking availability as carsharing membership grows in an area.  But this guy did.  

Take that skeptics!