Thursday, June 12, 2014

Two nice carsharing promotional videos - from South America

I'm always on the lookout for short, nicely done videos that promote carsharing and tell how it works.  Interestingly, the two most recent one's I've seem come across are from the South America, a huge area with lots of big cities (and a couple of megacities) and a whole lots of cars and traffic jams but, so far, very little carsharing.

The first video is from Joycar in Sao Paulo, a new carshare service placing cars in garages and at companies (joining long-established Zazcar).

The second is in one of my favorite animation styles - the hand drawn cartoon (as popularized by The Story of Stuff).  Who it's from is a bit of mystery (to me, at least). is the only identification (tips welcome - just post a comment below.  Thanks).

If you've got some favorites, animated or not, let me know.