Friday, March 07, 2008

Comprehensive Carsharing Bibliography

I've been aware of it for years but recently had occasion to use the wonderful archive of documents and links of historical reports and data about carsharing put together by CommunAuto of Montreal. These include PDFs of the Crain & Associates STAR (short term auto rental) report from San Francisco and other reports back to the late 1960s.

There are a wealth of European reports that people on this side of the Atlantic (or Pacific, for that matter) may not be familiar with. Of course, many familiar reports from Dr. Susan Shaheen, Peter Muheim and Robert Cervero are archived here as well. The documents in the CommunAuto bibliography are in a variety of languages, not surprisingly including many in French. Benoit Robert and his staff are to be congratulated for taking the time to put together such an excellent resource.

By the way, I recently used another interesting research tool to dredge up the historic image of Flexcar's Los Angeles web page in my previous post (below) - It links into an incredible archive of web pages all the wayback to 1996 updated every couple of months. (Don't ask me why but due to some technicality the original CarSharing Portland web site doesn't show up in the archive.)